Are you ready to order our delicious, sumptuous, juicy spare ribs, burgers and the “Most Famous Buffalo Wings” together with some of our 24 special homemade sauces to dip them in?

How To Order

  • Browse our menus online and order by phone, pick up at the time you indicate
  • Get our ribs and wings already marinated, precooked and frozen, you prepare them yourself on the BBQ
  • Order our products on your smartphone through our partner Easy Eats SXM and get ribs, wings, burgers, wraps and everything delivered to your doorstep, ready to eat. Delivery is free!

Delivery is free when ordering through Easy Eats SXM

Menu | Dining and Takeout

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The Buffalo Wings St Maarten menu for your online viewing pleasure and to order take-out or dining in. Get free delivery through the Easy Eats SXM app on your smartphone

Easy Eats | Delivery

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Easy Eats is a modern food delivery service that uses your smartphone. All products on Easy Eats are available island-wide!

Frozen Wings & Ribs

We sell deep frozen, ready-to-use spare ribs and buffalo wings marinated in our secret sauce so you can BBQ them yourself.

24 Sauces For Your Buffalo Wings & Ribs

Buffalo Wings SXM is more than just slamming Frank’s Hot SauceĀ® onto some chicken wings. Good wings are all about the sauce! And we know that better than anyone. So we created twentyfour flavors!