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Mother’s Day 2019

Treat mom to a night out this Sunday and give her the pleasure that she doesn’t have to cook for one day (very sexist, yes we know, sorry to all dads who cook!). Give mom the evening off, give dad some sports to watch and the kids a huge serving of chicken wings or burgers, French fries and soda.

While you do that, mother’s drinks are on us!

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Buffalo Wings Movie Deal: 15% off

Do you get your movie tickets in advance too, so you don’t have to wait in line at the cashier and risk missing the trailers?

But since you’re already there, isn’t it a shame that you have to go back home or choose to spend a couple of hours killing time while you wait for your movie to start?

And you discover you should have had that drink or snack at home before you left for the movies because now you’re hungry and there is no real food to get at the cinema unless you want to splurge in junk food.

But you’re right there! Isn’t there something near the Caribbean cinemas that you could use to make the wait worthwhile?

Now there is…

Buffalo Wings Movie Deal

Before the movies or after the movies, come to Buffalo Wings St Maarten and get a super 15% off by bringing your movie ticket (stub).

Terms & Conditions

We are going to make this easy on you but there have to be some ground rules:

  • the movie ticket (stub) has be valid on or validated for that same day/night
  • each member of your party must have a valid ticket (stub)
  • no split bills, discount only applies to first part of the bill if do anyway
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Get frozen Buffalo Wings Ribs and Wings at Carrefour Market

We are proud to announce that you can also get our frozen, marinated spare ribs and buffalo wings at the Carrefour Market (formerly: Le Grand Marche) on Bush Road. They come precooked, pre-marinated, prepackaged and vacuum sealed in quantities of 2 lbs (1 kg) of ribs and approximately 25 buffalo chicken wings.

Perfect for a pool-side BBQ or a picnic with friends on Mullet Bay beach! Grab some beers, wine, water and soda, chips, coal and fruit salads and complete your picnic with Buffalo Wings SXM frozen ribs and/or wings!

Don’t forget to buy a bottle of your favorite sauces next time to eat at the restaurant, so you can have our sauces at home as well!

Take home your favorite sauces!

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“Buffalo Wild Wings” is not Buffalo Wings SXM

We are aware of a franchise of wings restaurants in the USA called “Buffalo Wild Wings” and we occasionally get some customers who are searching for this restaurant and mistakenly, but understandably, assume that we are the same.

While we would welcome the competition, we are the only Buffalo Wings restaurant on Sint Maarten and in no way related to the US-based Buffalo Wild Wings chain of restaurants.

Buffalo Wings in a basket with our peanut and garlic sauces

While we do feature dishes other than Buffalo Wings, wings are our original core product and we specialize in the making the most famous chicken wings of St Maarten.

Buffalo Wings SXM was founded in 2014 here in St Maarten and we used to be located in the Blue Mall over in Cupecoy. Because the shopping mall closed their doors to the public and we were forced to searched for a new location which in Paradise Mall Simpson Bay.

We have our own philosophy about Buffalo Wings and feature 24 homemade sauces, not just Frank’s RedHot® sauce. If you are looking for Wild Wings, then stop looking. Instead, we invite you kindly to try our version of Buffalo Wings and we are sure that you will also like and perhaps even love them as much as you love the Buffalo Wild Wings from our competitor in the US.