The Most Famous Buffalo Wings, Spare Ribs and Burgers

What can we get you?

burger and fries

Burgers and fries?

chicken burger, caesar salad, sate and drinks

Want a hot meal for two?

Venezuelan Parrillos

Venezuelan Parrilla?

Where can you find us?

We’re located in the Paradise Mall, Cole Bay, Sint Maarten. Right besides from the Caribbean Cinemas. There is ample parking both day and night!

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Venezuelan Parrilla

Venezuelan Parrilla is fantastic and a great value for money. Chicken wrap is great for lunch and delicious. Ribs are very good too. Used the frozen wings and ribs for my daughter’s birthday party and they were wonderful. Easy to cook, ready to use and saved us loads of time and effort! Coffee is great and getting better 😉 Okay Wings. I still think they should cook them, marinate in fridge overnight and then briefly deep-fry or grill to order and smother with sauce. But their 24 homemade sauces are out of this world, so good. There is always one you like. BBQ Rum and Peanut sauce are my favorites so far. #gottatrythemall

Christian Peper

I loved the sweet potato fries. I had the teriyaki chicken, it was ok not all that I thought the sauce would have been thick and juicy like the regular bbq wings.

Yira Gibbs